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So predictable with all these goofballs. 1 person posts a joke answer about a literal chase then everyone else has to pile in with similar useless answers.

To answer the question, chasing makes you look lower value. Let her know in a fun way that you’re interested, then DONT chase. Just live your life, be happy, don’t even be nice to her because then she thinks you’re a pushover.

Your attitude should be like “I’m the gift, take me or leave me”, and if she don’t take you there’s plenty of other women, don’t be getting oneitis or nothin.

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Don’t chase a girl, attract a girl. Attracting a girl needs patience while impatient guys also chase a girl. Chasing a girl often drives a girl away unless you are super handsome and attractive while attracting a girl makes a girl closer to you every time.

How to attract a girl?

Just to express your friendliness and warmth to her, but do not express your needliness to her. To express your friendliness and warmth to her whenever there is a chance.

Quora User
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  1. Find out if she likes elephants. If yes:
  2. Donate a bunch of money to Chengeta Wildlife Project then:
  3. Go meet Rory Young in between trainings, and:
  4. Make sure have a wonderful portrait of her to enlarge to life size mounted on board so you can have her hand in yours for a group portrait in Guinea or (Rory's choice of location,) then:
  5. Mail her a nice 8"*12" framed print of said photograph with:
  6. Your cell phone number and a "call collect" label, or include a prepaid phone card on the back, then:
  7. Post a photo here of her looking at the photograph you sent her.

If you don't catch up with her, you've at least had a chance at a great time while doing something really important on a global scale, and acquire some fantastic stories to tell your grandkids.
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Nicolas Cage
Nicolas Cage, Chinese celadon culture spreader Psychologist

I studied in Yiwu, China this past two days. During the daytime yesterday, PUA had a meal and chatted.

One of them was very powerful. He was born in 1994. Although I was only 20 years old, I guess that the woman he had loved was probably hundreds.

And what kind of people are there in the target group?

Models, flight attendants, teachers, students, white collars, nightclub goddesses, rich second generations, beautiful young women, actors, presenters, etc., can be said to play all over the world.

His parents' income was very low. After graduating from college in Hangzhou, he left behind to develop. The children are not tall, and there are some young men who are long and handsome, but they are by no means male.

So don't say that the tall, rich and handsome man can pick up a girl. It must be rich, long and tall and handsome.

The key is that you do not understand woman's heart.

Of course I don't advocate this lifestyle, but what I want to say is.

He really understands women's minds and understands more than many women themselves.

He knows what to say and what to do to get him to the girl, to know what the girl wants, and to be able to guide the woman to follow her own way.

He opened his own foreign trade shop in Yiwu, doing men's clothing, marketing is also doing very well, about a year there is also a 30W yuan profit.

I believe that a man who understands a woman’s heart must be a man who knows how to market.

I believe that he will go better and better on the road of continuous improvement in the future. After all, his ability base is there. It depends on how he will play and improve on the road in the future.

Someone may ask, what's the relationship between understanding women's minds and doing marketing?

Great relationship.

The answer is attraction.

The most powerful man chasing a girl is definitely not chase. It must be attractive.

If sales are active to win customers, then marketing is to make customers come to you.

The same company is also the same, the worst companies need to go for sales, the most cattle companies are engaged in marketing.

Marketing is plainly to attract users.

How to seize the woman's psychology with some pick-up skills to hook up.

How to seize the customer's psychology with some marketing skills to get.

There is no essential difference between the two, because the objects are human beings and human nature is the same.

For example, Durex's marketing planner, he will think about using Durex's user community.

He will think about this group of three issues.

What is it, what is it, and why.

After thinking about these three major frameworks, we can begin to subdivide and develop interesting, interesting, predictable, and straightforward marketing methods.

In fact, the essence of business is the trading of people and people. The transaction is also based on people. Talent is the most crucial.

I have said before that even if a girl is not soaked, she will not start her own business.

The main reason is this.

Girls, marketing, business, entrepreneurship, and business are all connected.

Picking girls is the least difficult, and entrepreneurship is the most difficult. Even the pick-ups are not soaked. What qualifications are there for success?

Of course, I am not advocating a lot of soaking. I just need to find the one you like and the one who likes you.

Don't worry about the ethical issues of saying you're picking up girls. You know how many women can't find a boyfriend now. It's not because you guys are embarrassed, they're not funny and they're not good.

Looking at how many older women are now, this is definitely not a woman's problem. The responsibility must be men.

Picking girls not only solves personal problems, but also solves women's problems and solves social problems. Therefore, we must make more contributions to society.

What I hate most boys for saying is to wait until I have a lot of money for a girl to be a big one. Let's consider this issue before making money first.

I can only smile.

First of all, such a person would not be a rich person. Even if he became a rich person, he would still be unable to get a baby.

Money can only reach those who are short of money and will never attract good girls.

In fact, there are tens of millions of people who may not be as easy to use as others.

In fact, the pursuit of girls is a relatively simple and easy process of learning, and rare places are how to maintain relationships. This is also the issue I am currently studying. Haha

Because women are the most comedic people in the world.

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Barry Hampe
Barry Hampe, I've lived a long time and learned a few things
Track shoes.
Roller skates.
Sports car.
Maserati, Ferrari, or Lamborghini.
Personal jet.

Or you could stop chasing and just get to know some girls as nice people you like to be with. Then let that grow.
Originally Answered: How do I chase a girl?
Ok. I have got some free time today. I have decided to give some serious thought to your question.

The most obvious answer to your question is the most obvious answer, 'It depends'.
  • If she is walkingand you want to stalk her, ensure that your speed is just a little less than hers.
  • If the idea is to actually chase and confront her then you need to do a little better and make sure that your speed is little more than hers.
  • If you are specifically talking a scenario where you want to chase a girl during a Marathon, any of the above two approach would work. Just make sure you have enough fuel in your tank. Don’t get exhausted before she does.
  • If she is on a motorized vehicle, you need to be on one yourself. Rest of the approach would remain same.
  • If she is on a train, make sure you catch the same coach.
  • If she is on a plane, JUST GIVE UP. It would be too expensive.
Michael Sutton
Michael Sutton, Living life between the lines
Originally Answered: How do I chase girl?
I had a dog once who would always chase the mailman. Through careful examination of his technique I was able to discern that he always followed the same steps each time.

  1. Focus on your target.
  2. Growl to draw your target's attention.
  3. Bark loudly while initiating the chase. This serves to signal your target to run ahead of you.
  4. Pursue.

It should also be noted that sometimes (but not all) my dog would also bite the mailman on his butt, ankle or pants-leg. I suppose this would be optional and perhaps depend on mood.

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Get a really fast car or this Supersonic aircraft. I hear that the flashier, the more impressed women will be.

Jonty Roy
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Originally Answered: How do I chase girl?
A cycle, or simply running might be enough. But then again, a motorcycle or a car would be more comfortable.

Good luck.

PS: If by any chance you can get a horse, then that would be much more interesting and exciting.
Mir Abbas
Chasing after anyone loses your respect in their eyes and they would be gone farther than they were before. So stay where you are and create a paradise around yourself. They would definitely see the lights from far away and come to you. And since you now have leverage, they wouldn't leave you as easily.
Jack Elphinstone
Jack Elphinstone, We're all human... right?
Originally Answered: How do I chase girl?
Use your legs to run in her general direction, avoiding obstacles. It's not really a chase if she isn't running too, so make sure she's running as well. Ideally you want to be moving just faster than her, to 'win.' You 'lose' if she escapes/you get arrested.
Vanita Rawat
Vanita Rawat, Person of Interest!
Are you Indian or Pakistani? If either watch the India Vs Pak match live. Look at the Pak chase for goal of 301, listen to the commentary and there would be many comments which might work in your case. Consistency, determination and defining/redefining strategy is the key. Enjoy!!
Dick Karp
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Originally Answered: How do I chase girl?
Make yourself attractive enough so that girl chase you.
Maximilian Batz
Maximilian Batz, entrepreneur. In Love With life and knowledge
By not chasing her. Yes,  it's a paradox.  But: either it works out between the two of you or it doesn't.

No point chasing. plenty of girls. nice girls.
Len Lattanzi
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If she's running, you should stop.
Joel V Benjamin
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Originally Answered: How do I chase a girl?
With honesty, charm, and humor.
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Originally Answered: How do I chase a girl?
Play tag with a girl. Those kiddies playing at the playground would be delighted.
Tobias Burns
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Ambush works so much better. If you're chasing, you've already lost.